Friday, 26 February 2016

Notices, Friday 26th February
I am very pleased to have received two letters this week from charities, to thank us for support.  We have had a nice letter and certificate from Save the Children thanking the school for the £380 raised from the Christmas Jumper Day in December (even though it wasn’t the coldest December and pullovers weren’t begging to be worn!) and a good letter from the Alzheimer’s Society thanking us for nearly £500 raised at the talent night.  I pass on that thanks to you and to all the students who contributed to these events.

I am also pleased that the ski trip returned happy and (largely) unscathed.  Mr Figliola suffered a broken collar bone:  never a good thing for a musician to break a bone!  We wish him a quick recovery.

I should like to focus on a couple of requests, please. 

We have monitored the number of times students ask to be excused from lessons to go to the toilet.  Our policy here is to allow this whenever asked, to avoid embarrassment, to avoid upsetting students, and to avoid isolating those students who need to be excused for medical reasons.  However, it is obvious that some students are abusing that policy.  Please would you ask your sons and daughters to manage their break and lunchtimes as well as possible so that they can benefit fully from uninterrupted lessons.  Toilets need to be kept clean and hygienic for all.

Secondly, can I remind you please about uniform and attendance.  We are concerned about girls’ skirts being too short.  Mrs Gittins and senior staff are looking at nominating a new style of uniform skirt, but this will take time;  please do your best to help us by checking that daughters are not going to school inappropriately dressed.  We have two or three uniform skirts available now for any girl who needs to change out of what she has chosen to wear to school.

We are working to refurnish the sixth-form centre so that we have a new study room at its heart.  There will be silent study facilities and computers available in the library and there will be new social study area next door, where students can talk quietly as they work.   The school’s network allows students to bring their own laptops if they wish.  We do not allow sixth-formers to stay away simply because they have no timetabled classes;  they need to be in school, studying, reading and learning.

Many thanks for your support of the school.  Without parental support we would not be the school we are.

Philip Rush


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